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Black Man Of The Nile And His Family

In this volume, facts of African history which have been for so long purposefully withheld from the public shall be revealed and carefully explained. Africa (Alkebu-lan) will be seen from eye's different to the Henry Stanley and Dr. David Livingston's drama; the salvation through Jesus Christ view point; the Tarzan and Jane atmosphere; the "Great White Father" paternalism; and last, last but not least it will not include "the propaganda angle of the Christian missionaries".

These age-old stereotyped racist conceptions about the Africans shall not appear in this blog post. The culture of the indigenous peoples of Africa (Alkebu-lan) was copied and adopted extensively by the so-called "modern" or "western man" (caucasian, or white Man). Much of "western man's" culture also came from an Africa which once held the central focal point of learning of all forms; where man himself has so far proven to have originated; at least, where the oldest forms of man have been unearthed (discovered); And since this work is being produced in the United States of America, it is specifically directed to those who have criminally demasculinized, denuded, and otherwise debased the Africans of their Cultural, Economic, Political, Scientifical, Spiritual heritage and human decency.

Religion and the European an European-American colonialist, for over the past three to four-hundred years, shall be shown to be of the basic causes of Africa's downfall. When a man's history is written by his master's religion or economic philosophy, such history is always distorted to suit the Master-Slave relationship, which is the only possible result from such an enforced union. And if the union is of very long duration, many of the captured begin to accept their status of inferiority. They then allow themselves to be renamed accordingly. With their new name, a new psychology naturally develops; and with that, a new mind, a new docility.

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Move On Black Man, Move On...

The above title is from a Brand Nubian track named "Wake Up"

Recognize how magnificent you already are. It is up to you to manifest your desire (allowing that your desire is beneficial to all that is). You will win at your life, if you choose to do so.

We must turn the tide in another direction, we must become about love and life, not hate and death. Malcolm X remains the shining example of a Black man making the transformation from a menace to society to a minister to society.

Re-evaluate your man-to-man relationships. When we exhibit unhealthy competitive postures toward one another, it fosters petty jealousy and divisions. This egotistical attitude makes a simple thing like acknowledging someone else's accomplishments or successfully working together virtually impossible. Conflicts have an interesting way of telling us where we stand in terms of maturity and spiritual development.

Pay attention to the relationships with the people in your life. Are they unstable, fragile or volatile? How have you contributed to this problem? How can you counter act it?

We trust in our spiritual foundation to sustain us through those times when finances, political power and history cannot. The key to success is to rely on the power within yourself rather than something external. Society tells us to pursue wealth and power, but if material possessions really brought happiness, then why are so many wealthy celebrities making decisions that lead them to incarceration and premature death.

Our communities suffer because some of us do not understand the purpose of our lives. As Black men we must encourage one another to take back our hearts and minds by recharging our mental, cultural and spiritual beings. Only then can we overcome our culture of F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Don't let other people project their fears onto you. "Black History and The Media"

So how did Black men end up this way. Ever since slavery white men have been in positions of power and authority over Black men and has figured out through the course of time ways to maintain power over us.

Slave masters realized that they had to dehumanize Black men in order to justify enslaving Black men, beating Black men, selling Black men like cattle and killing Black men, to warn other Black men that the same would happen to them if they didn't "stay in line". These oppressive tactics enabled white men to maintain their authority and power over Black men. white men in positions of power and authority had to prove to everybody, white people and Black people alike - that Black males were inherently inferior. One tried-and-true way to "prove" that Black men were less human was to create images that made white males look good. They created pernicious stories and told the world false hoods through books and visual images that Black men were lazy, shiftless and immoral beast with no ability to control our sexual desires and urges.

Throughout the history of radio, film and television, media makers, both white and Black, created images of us that inaccurately depicted who we were as a race and as a gender, making us look silly to the rest of the world. Over time, and through repetition, white people with power and control over our image made us believe that we were brutes, savages, buffoons, jesters, coons and uncle toms. They told us that we were physical specimens capable of doing menial labor, but could not make good decisions.

They said we could not do the important things white men did, things like voting, owning land or creating our own businesses. They essentially murdered any positive ideas that Black people were fully human, like white people. Over time, people of all racial backgrounds came to associate Black men with negative characteristics and negative behavior. This perception of Black men has had a lasting effect, and pervades the minds of millions of people around the world even to this day.

Kevin Powell

"Whenever we drove "home" to Georgia, my dad wanted his children to understand the land they were traveling in and it's history, including the legacy of slavery. He would tell us how Black people were sold from plantation to plantation, never to see their loved ones again and how White men tied knotted ropes around the necks of Black men, and hung them from trees - for little or no reason at all".

smoke·screen (smōk'skrēn') noun.
A mass of dense artificial smoke used to conceal military areas or operations from an enemy. An action or statement used to conceal actual plans or intentions.

Don't let what society labels as the best confuse you. If we, especially Black men, believed everything that we hear from the media and broader society regarding who we are and what is best for us, we would be in real trouble.

Conservative whites (and conservatives of color) who are in denial about racism - or simply don't want to admit and confront the reality of racism - would like Black men to believe that we are crazy, that these images are figments of our imagination. But don't let them play you son! You're not crazy. You perfectly sane.

They claim that we are holding on to racism or "playing the race card". Whenever we suggest that race is a factor in how white people frame and tell our stories and their stories in the mainstream media. But let me set the record straight here: amoral white people in positions of power in newsrooms, at television stations and in Hollywood manipulate our image and play the "race card" every single day.

Black people do not typically control the huge international media conglomerates that bombard the culture with distorted images of white and Black males that are churned out daily for a global audience. Rich white men are the ones with the most power and influence over what we are exposed to.

Eat Right

What we consume ultimately determines how strong our bodies and minds are. Similarly, the information and media content we consume determines how we view ourselves and whether we are equipped to fight the social, political and even personal battles that lie ahead. From books (and other reading material) to websites, from movies to music.

You will not be measured by how many cars, girls or Jordans you acquire. Instead, the measure of your magnificence will be determined on whether you do like your ancestors, add more to this world than you take away (Study Pyramids).

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tricknology - mind games, usually from an authority figure. A conspiracy to commit fraud on the masses by introducing ideas not based on scientific fact or substance.

This moderation of ethnic absolutism may be influenced by recent moves within the Nation of Islam, in which the devil is regarded as an evil characteristic that is also within the black man, not just a characteristic of the white.

As for the subject of the white devils (referred to variously in 5% lyrics as snakes, serpents, the Yacub crew, cave dwellers, etc.) here too 5% rappers express a variety of opinion. Brand Nubian and Poor Righteous Teachers represent the hard line position. Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers has asserted, "All the prophets have tried to reform white man, but he cannot be reformed. White man continued to do devilishment", and "the potency of melanin in the black man makes him naturally rhythmic".

Seven is the number of perfection. It stands for the seventh letter of the alphabet, G, and for God. (Five Percenters originated the homeboy expression, "'sup [what's up], G?"; originally "G" stood for God, not gangsta.) According to Jah-Z-Allah, keeper of the 5% website, "The God sees in cycles of 7 colors of the rainbow and hears in 7 cycles of notes on the musical scale."17 According to Farad's lessons, the Original (Black) Man has 7 1/2 ounces of brain, the (white) devil, only 6 ounces (Farad, Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 2). The flag of the Five Percenters, known as the Universal Flag of Islam, contains a 7 (symbol of God) surrounded by a crescent moon (signifying the black woman) and a star (signifying the child).

Knowledge is the Foundation of all in Existence. It is the Original [Asiatic Black] Man, who 'knows the ledge' or the boundaries of himself and knows that there is 'no ledge' or no ending to his circumference...Wisdom is your Wise Words, Ways and Actions...Wisdom is developed from the knowledge of Self, which allow[s] One to Wise or Speak Intelligently from the Dome or the Mind.

Just as Earth revolves around the sun, woman is subordinate to man. A Queen or "Earth," must cover 3/4 of her body, just as 3/4 of the earth is covered by water, and so 5% women wear head coverings and long loose-fitting garments. A female Five Percenter is known as a "muslim," unlike the male God, because she witnesses to the fact that her man is Allah. According to Sincere Allah Merciful God, "God is not a Muslim. God does not submit" ("Why We Are Not Muslims"). So although Five Percenters tend to treat women with respect, their orientation creates little space for female 5% rap performers or the articulation of women's issues.

As for the Five Percent notions that Black man is God, these are consonant with Gnostic tendencies that one encounters in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, especially in Sufi and Shi'ite spheres (including Isma'ilism and the Druze). In such conceptions, God is conceived as a spirit, a spirit that is manifested in man and only in man. For the Druze, the founder al-Hakim is God in person; for Ismai'lis, the imams are embodiments of divine light, and they show the divine potential of man. For NOI and 5%-ers, Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and Father Allah represent the fullness of God in Man, to which men can aspire. The 5%-ers and NOI have simply given this Gnostic tendency an Afrocentric twist.

As for the deep sources of 5% (as well as NOI beliefs), here too there is a remarkable heterogeneity, even when it comes to direct Middle East/Islamic influences. For instance, Noble Drew Ali, whose Moorish Science Temple is a direct predecessor of the Nation of Islam, traveled to Egypt, where he claims to have been initiated into the ancient Eastern mysteries. Noble Drew taught that blacks were "Asiatics" and specifically Moors, whose ancestors lived in Morocco before their forcible transportation to North America. But Noble Drew was equally influenced by non-Islamic sources. His prophecy, called The Circle Seven Koran, is nearly half based on an apocryphon, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by "Levi" H. Dowling, an account of Christ's journey and stay in India from his adolescence until the age of 30. Another significant influence on Noble Drew was Masonry, from whom he seems to have adapted, among other things, the Moorish initiation rites, catechistic forms of teachings, esoteric traditions, and the practice of wearing the fez. Noble Drew and the NOI also appear to have drawn on Masonic numerology, especially the importance of the number 7.

The belief that the alphabet and numerology are esoteric keys to wisdom also probably have their deeper origins in Islamic Sufi traditions (and perhaps the Jewish Kabbala). The concern with occult sciences and the mystery of numbers is shared as well by Isma'ili Shi'ites and the Druze sect, an esoteric offshoot from mainstream Shi'ism. Druze teaching additionally involves secrecy and the revelation of doctrine in stages to initiates; such parallels with the NOI led sociologist Morroe Berger to conjecture that Master Farad, the "God" of the NOI, was a Druze or an Isma'ili. This idea is not farfetched, for there is good evidence suggesting that Farad was an Arab from Greater Syria (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine or Transjordan), including: the one extant photo of Farad; the fact that he was a peddler (a very common occupation for Arab Druze immigrants in the midwest during the thirties); and Farad's own claims to his followers that he came from Mecca.31 A final deep source are the Jehovah's Witnesses. Both Farad and Elijah Muhammad encouraged followers to read the books of Jehovah's Witnesses' leader Joseph Rutherford, and Adib Rashad has demonstrated the parallels in eschatology between the NOI and the Witnesses.

The term Five Percent comes from NOI doctrine that sees the world population divided into three groups: 85% of the people are blind to the knowledge of themselves and God, while 10% of the people know the truth but teach a lie for their personal gain; seen as part of this 10% are religious leaders that teach that God is an incorporeal being (hence the term "mystery God"). The 10% also includes the governments and corporations of the world that deceive and mislead the majority of the world through most of the available media outlets. The remaining 5% are the poor righteous teachers — those who do not subscribe to the teachings of the 10% as they know and teach that God is the Blackman of Asia. Black in Five-Percent doctrine includes all non-caucasians and Asia refers to the whole planet Earth, or Pangaea.

Being brought here in the Western Hemisphere to what is known today, America, by a slave trader by the name of John Hawkins, from England. Who was successful in bringing our fathers here in the year 1555, as Almighty God, Allah has taught me. And that for this time near 400 years or more than 400 years, we have been here working most of that time as servitude slaves. And today we seek Justice. We seek Equality. We seek Freedom, above all from the slave-master's children that we have been left under for now near a hundred years without ever enjoying full freedom to go for ourselves and never getting justice, equal justice among or along with the citizens of the land of America.

We are daily and nightly mistreated at the hand of our slavemasters' children who are ever happy to do us evil and never rejoice to do us good. They have caused us to work under false promises. And never fulfill any promise of good to us today as it were yesterday. American white citizens seek to do the same and worse, that their fore-fathers did to us and our fore-fathers four hundred years ago. That is to deceive us and make false promises.

As the slavemasters deceived us in many ways back near 400 years ago. And making promises that if we be obedient to them we would go to heaven when we die.

The Five Percent Nation was founded by Clarence 13X, who joined the NOI Temple No. 7 in Harlem in the early 1950s (when it was led by Malcolm X) and became a lieutenant in the Fruit of Islam (the NOI security force) and a student minister. In the early sixties Clarence began to question the NOI doctrine that God had appeared in Detroit in 1930 in the person of Master Farad Muhammad (pronounced Fa-rád). (It was Farad who passed on his teachings to his messenger, Elijah Muhammad.) Clarence 13X reportedly began to doubt that Farad was God, since the NOI taught that the Original (Black) Man was Allah, and Farad looked white. Farad was probably an Arab. Clarence 13X began to teach that the black man collectively was God. He was reprimanded in 1963, left the NOI along with a few followers, changed his name from Clarence 13X to Allah, and began preaching to the youth on the streets of Harlem.

Father Allah, as his followers came to call him, taught that the 5% are those black men with "knowledge of self." This 5% knows their divinity, and uses that knowledge to release the hidden resources of black man. Once a man has tapped his hidden talents, he is a God. Most members refer to themselves as Gods rather than Five Percenters, reserving the latter term for those who have only begun studying the knowledge.

Father Allah's other signal contribution besides his theological innovations with regard to the divinity of the black man was that he took the doctrine of Master Farad and Elijah Muhammad to the street. In particular, he disseminated Farad Muhammad's secret teachings, known as the "Lost-Found Muslim Lessons," which are arranged in question-and-answer format (and seem to have been modeled on the catechism of the Masons).14 At the time, NOI members were not allowed to discuss the tradition with outsiders and were supposed to keep it a complete secret.

In the early '60s, the NOI Temple hierarchy monopolized the lessons and guarded them from the rank and file. Father Allah also developed his own system of teachings, known as the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabets. The "divine sciences" of Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets are sets of principles, attached to numerals and to the letters of the alphabet, which serve as the keys to divine knowledge. For Five Percenters, the "science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding man's relationship to the universe" ("What We Teach"). Islam, for the Nation of Gods and Earths, is a mathematics-based science, a way of life and not a religion, not a set of beliefs ("Why We Are Not Muslims"). Prince-A-Cuba's description of Farad's lessons applies equally well to those of Father Allah: they were "an esoteric ritual containing keys for recognition between fellow members; a cohesive world view; and a tradition that could be explained only to initiates" (1992).

Father Allah focused his recruitment efforts on the youth of Harlem, and eventually branched out to other East Coast cities. Although Father Allah was gunned down in 1969 by unknown assassins, his movement lived on under a collective leadership. The organization's membership, mainly recruited from among urban Black youth, has continued to grow and to spread, reaching West Coast cities in 1987-88. Young Five Percenters are renowned for their tremendous oral skills, gained through intensive drilling in the lessons and through street preaching. Therefore they are amazingly loquacious when "droppin' science" or teaching 5% lessons.

As a Black man in a world filled with 10% lies and 85% confusion, we must keep in mind that the black man, is the original man, and that white man is the biological descendant of the Black; that the white man is, by nature and practice, devilish, Black people are civilized by nature (Study Egypt); white teaching, based on technology, is simply "tricknology," and that Black science, based on mathematics, is a superior form of understanding; and that Armageddon is here and that the wicked rule of the white must end, and that the global majority of non-whites will soon come to power.

Note: Some of the paragraphs are courtesy of Islam in the Mix: Lessons of the Five Percent Nation from author Ted Swedenburg - Department of Anthropology - University of Arkansas

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IBM Remembers Malcolm X

Today has been 45 years since one of the most influential men of all time passed away. EL hajj malik El Shabazz, renowned as Malcolm X, an African American Civil Rights Leader was assassinated in Harlem (NYC) while speaking at meeting for the Organization of Afro-American Unity.

Malcolm X was one of history's most important leaders and an incredibly gifted speaker. To fully absorb and realize the magnitude and wisdom of his speeches, IBM has supplied this Blog with various speeches of EL hajj malik El Shabazz A.K.A Malcolm X.